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Athletics + Outdoor Experiences

At the Day Camp @ the JCC, our goal is for each of our campers to learn new skills and play new sports. We foster a positive sense of self and boost campers’ confidence in their athletic abilities. Each sport is taught with realistic and age-appropriate expectations, with coaches and counselors demonstrating respectful behavior, fair play, and sportsmanship. We focus on both the body and mind; the development of fine and cognitive motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as the rules and strategy of each sport.


All of our campers participate in sports instruction multiple times a week. The sports coaches focus on skill development and helping children develop a better understanding of the rules of each sport. The curriculum is designed specifically for each age group, and enables the campers to learn and grow throughout the summer. Our campers have sports instruction in the gym with our skilled and thoughtful coaches. Our coaches pay individual attention to campers’ growth, successes, and hurdles as they develop throughout the summer.


  • • Basketball
  • • Soccer
  • • Kickball
  • • Tennis
  • • Relay Races + Camp Games

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