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Day Camp @ the JCC engages children through experiences that help build, support, and reinforce a positive personal identity, strong peer relationships, quality skill development in athletics and the arts, and a powerful sense of community responsibility, all while enabling campers and their families to explore and celebrate Jewish life.


Camp is a joyfully Jewish experience—vibrant, upbeat, and energetic—all summer long. Each week features a theme grounded in our core values. The camp staff and specialists integrate this theme into all of our programs and activities. Each Friday, we have a special Shabbat celebration, in which bunks lead songs and stories to share their experiences from the week. Our campers talk about the week coming to a close, and discuss their hopes for the week ahead, experiencing the magic of Shabbat in camp.


Each summer we delve into these values: 


Community: We take immense pride in allowing and encouraging our campers to play active roles in the creation of their communities, from individual bunks to their unit to the camp as a whole. Learning how to build community is an invaluable life skill, and we strive to lay this foundation at camp.


Camp is the perfect setting for experiencing wonder, and we believe that the process of inquiry, driven by curiosity, is at the heart of our daily interactions.


While the days at camp are full of exciting activities, we also cherish what happens between them. Camp provides the perfect backdrop to learn about practicing a new skill many times over, waiting your turn, and simply slowing down to allow a friend to catch up.


We seek to create a culture of gratitude by regularly expressing appreciation to our counselors, specialists, and peers, as well as working to acknowledge a deeper appreciation for each other as we build a camp community together.


Camp is a place where both campers and staff alike are able to be their best selves, and there are countless opportunities for individual growth and success, highlighted by communal celebration. By encouraging all members of our community to try new things in a safe and supportive environment, we cultivate each person’s belief in themselves.


For many campers, camp is their first experience away from their home and families, which serves as an excellent opportunity to help them develop a sense of personal responsibility, from looking after their own belongings and picking up trash to experiencing what it means to be a responsible member of a community.


We seek to provide opportunities to promote creativity both within and outside of our activity areas. Campers explore different materials and media to develop new skills and delve deeper into their personal interests


In many ways, camp can be viewed as a long-term, immersive education experience in leadership. As they continue their camp experience from summer to summer, campers grow into leaders by serving as role models for their younger peers and counselors hone their leadership skills as they lead their campers. Our Leadership Team includes a number of former counselors.


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Sample Schedules

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